Family Conference Adults Programme

The main program will be made up of keynote lectures; interactive workshops; dramatization; story time; gripping debates; and Q&A Sessions.

Keynote Lectures for 2018



In-Depth Personal Workshops for 2018




Islam21c Panel Discussions

To Be Announced


Join us for this interactive dramatization and be absorbed into the story.

Story Time

Inspiring a generation through lessons from stories from the Qur’an. Join us with the entire family, popcorn in one hand and chocolates in the other whilst you are taken on a timeless journey.

Awards and Prizes

Our Annual Prize giveaway and awards will see your children receive awards and prizes for a number of different activities and good behaviour.

Game Show

An interactive and light-hearted session for the entire family. Watch two teams with attending speakers battle it out against each other in the classic structure of Family Fortunes.