Family Conference 2017 Stalls


Include items that you wish to sell on the stall.


Stall applications have to be approved by the Stalls Manager and there are no exceptions to this.



All stallholders will Insha’Allah be provided with a 6ft table and a single chair. If you require more than one stall, there is a £25 discount on your second stall, if you book both stalls at the same time.

The stall holder is responsible for ensuring that all rules and regulations are strictly adhered to and that all rubbish is cleared at the end of each day. Any breach of this agreement will result in your stall being removed.


A. All charges must be paid in advance.

B. Stalls not registered properly and without a valid contract form will be removed.

C. All goods must strictly conform to Islamic requirements or they will be removed.

D. Any equipment brought by stallholders must be agreed upon prior to arrival and must not pose any type of hazard.

E. Stall positions cannot be changed once established without the management’s prior permission.

F. Stall holders are required to bring their own gazebo, table cloth and any other accessories

F. There will be no electric power provided on the day. Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions below, and do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance. Once signed this becomes a legally binding contract.


1. Under no circumstances will any person be allowed to set up a stall unless they have applied and have been accepted by the management and in particular, the Stalls Manager.

2. All stallholders must register for the Event in the normal way, paying the advertised fees. This is in addition to the stall charges. Food is only included if a ticket is purchased for the Event

3. The management reserves the right to accept or refuse any application at their discretion without disclosing their reasons.

4. The management reserves the right to stop immediately the sales of any goods at the Family Events.

5. The event is divided into male and female areas. If you wish to have a stall on both sides, then this constitutes 2 stalls.

6. All Fees are non-refundable.

7. We will not tolerate any abuse to either our staff OR to other stall holders. If a stall holder is found to be in breach of this then we will close down the stall and ban them from all our future events.

8. Unauthorised material or advertising will not be allowed and will be disposed by event staff automatically. Such stalls may be ordered to close immediately.

9. Please ensure that you dispose of all your rubbish at the close of the day. An area will be provided for you in order to dump your unwanted materials. If this rule is not adhered to then we will have no choice but to ban you from future events.

10. Stall operating times are 08300hrs – 2200hrs. Only Sisters are allowed to run the stalls on the sister’s side and brothers on the brother’s side. Brothers will only be allowed in the sisters stall area from 8am-9am and from 10pm –11pm to set-up/ put away their products, if required. At no other times should there be brothers in the sister’s stall area. Breach of this will result in closure of your stall. This condition must be strictly adhered to and failure to do so will result in your stalls being closed down. We will allocate your stall area on the day and please be aware that your stall will consist of a table measuring 6ft x 2.5ft. You may bring non obstructing banners etc. however if they are found to be a health and safety hazard then they will have to be taken down.

11. All fixed charges must be paid before the day of the event.

12. By signing the contract, the applicant agrees to all the conditions stated therein.

13. Contravention of any of the above conditions will result in the closure of the stall.

By filling in this Form, it does not guarantee you a stall at the Family Retreat. Please await contact from the Stalls Management Team.