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Islam is a way of life that is comprehensive, perfectly balanced and pragmatic. It is enduring yet dynamic. Crucially, it is divine. In this Family Conference, educate yourself and family, and marvel at the seamless ability of Islam to relate to any place and time.

Muslims are bound by a faith that is not blind but compelling in its attraction, validity and resonance to reality.
Learn how Islamic practice is not confined to a private or specific sphere of your life.
Discover a practical framework that will enable you to decide on any circumstance.
Come and enjoy the environment and grow spiritually, intellectually and collectively; return invigorated and empowered by Allah’s leave.

Prepare to Energize YOUR souls with heart rendering recitations while praying Night prayers; Indulge in the recitation of the Noble Qur’an each morning; Challenge your minds in Self-Development based Workshops; Engage in activities just for the kids; And eat, drink, socialise and visit the stalls with 1000s of Muslims from all over the UK – Insha’Allah this will be a Conference,  to remember above all treats! For more information CLICK HERE

With INSPIRING LECTURES/SEMINARS/STORY TIME/ DRAMATIZATION  for all the brothers and sisters, realise how to establish in our hearts, on our tongues and on our limbs the Oneness of Allah and the far reaching consequences of actualising the very core of our faith and how it integrates with our family life.

With a YOUTH PROGRAMME for children aged from 12yrs to 16yrs, your children will have a fun and enjoyable time in an uplifting and Islamic environment and a well structured programme. For more information CLICK HERE

With a dedicated Multi-Tier CHILDREN’S PROGRAMME for our kids from 4yrs to 11yrs, Mothers and Fathers can relax that their young ones are being looked after and enjoying themselves while they can take some time out from their hectic lives to re-energize their souls.For more information CLICK HERE.

With dedicated MOTHER & TODDLER rooms for under 4s, our Sisters can enjoy live Audio/Visual feeds with baby changing facilities close at hand.

So whether you are a single individual or you are coming with your family or you have kids of all ages, this FAMILY CONFERENCE is just for YOU – we have all the bases covered insha’Allah.