Idea Muslim Family
The theme for the 2017 Family Conference is THE IDEAL MUSLIM FAMILY : Inspiring Developing Flourishing . In a world filled with internal and external ills, distractions and materialism – it is an ever growing struggle for our families to keep our hearts and minds attached to Allah and focused on achieving the Paradise of the Hereafter.

Allah has mentioned many elements and social ills of society with perfect solutions yet many do not take heed.

This December we will ponder , reflect and learn key lessons on how we can become THE IDEAL MUSLIM FAMILY : Inspiring Developing Flourishing as families entailing the betterment and prosperity of our society.

The Family Conference is split into powerful Keynote Lectures, Personal in-depth workshops and Audience involving panel discussions and debates. It is exemplified by an environment where hundreds of families will live together immersing themselves in night prayers, Qur’an sessions after Fajr and a variety of fun and active learning programmes and activities for all ages. Starting from our flourishing toddlers program for the ages of 4-6, inspiring sports and learning activities for the 7-11 year old kids program and our 12-16 year old youth program full of fun active sports, fun games and interactive development workshops.

Prepare to Inspire YOUR souls with heart rending recitations while praying Night prayers; Indulge in the recitation of the Noble Qur’an each morning; Develop YOUR minds in Self-Development based Workshops; Engage in activities just for the kids; And eat, drink, flourish and visit the stalls with hundreds of Muslim families from all over Europe – Insha’Allah this will be a conference, to remember